How to Be a Travel Writer’s Intern Search

Hi Everyone,I trust you’ve had a nice weekend and aren’t too hungover.Personally, I’m covered in elephant shit as I’ve been rolling around Kruger National Park here in South Africa. It has been brilliant. Oh, the life of a travel journalist can be icredible, but it can get messy.Today I’d like to send you all an invite to join our team here at How to be amsterdam bear pride by Vagabundo Magazine, so that maybe you can be out rolling around in elephant shit soon too.

At the moment, we’re bringing on three interns to help us with the How to be a Travel Writer section of Vagabundo Magazine. These positions are unpaid, but you will gain valuable experience. Moreover, for hiring at Vagabundo Magazine we always try to do so from within.The internships we’re trying to fill are social media, editing, and marketing interns. You don’t have to have any experience in the field, you just need to be willing to learn and keen. Also, if you know the Vagabundo Magazine brand then you’ll know we don’t exactly take well to serious people. We’re a fun-loving group of wild spirits.

As you’ll see by our application form, we’ll gladly take someone who can make us laugh over someone with a degree from Havard.Anyways, if you’re interested in more information about the programs have a look at this page. If you’re already to apply before even reading the info, I’ll ask you to download this application form, fill it out, and transfer it back to me at info (at) howtobeatravelwriter (dot) comCheers, and happy applying!